Detainees were judged after their apologies to the 5th ordinary investigator of Thessaloniki nine arrested who are accused of participating in fan-motivated conflictwhich occurred last Sunday afternoon, in the area of ​​Voulgari, in the east Thessalonikiand resulted in two opposing fans suffering head injuries.

With the agreement of the interrogator and the prosecutor, their temporary detention was decided and under these conditions they made their way to the detention centers. They were charged with a felony for grievous bodily harm, jointly, while they are also being prosecuted for a series of misdemeanors, with the aggravating circumstances of the Sports Law. The same charges are against a 16-year-old who was released due to his minor status and will be asked to plead in the next period of time as part of the main investigation.

Those who apologized today, denied the acts imputed to them, declaring themselves innocent. “We did not participate in either of the two groups involved,” they seem to have apologized, while stressing that their arrivals were made at a great distance from the scene of the clash. According to information, they said that they were at the place of introduction because they were going to watch a match of their team and for that reason they were wearing insignia of the club they support. One of them, according to the same information, submitted a request for a DNA test because an iron bar was found in his possession, which, as he claimed, he never used.

Last Tuesday, to the same investigator, the apologies of the three accused fans of the opposing team, who are being prosecuted only for misdemeanors (with the aggravating circumstances of the Sports Law), were preceded. All were released on the sole condition that they not attend their team’s sports games pending trial. The two wounded who were taken to the “Papanikolou” Hospital are accused of the same acts.