The defendants from the extreme right who were arrested last Wednesday in incidents in ISAP station in Monastiraki.

The condition of mandatory appearance at the police station at regular intervals was imposed on all the accused.

Among the defendants who were acquitted after their apologies, is also the 27-year-old who was recorded, in a video released to the public, throwing liquid from a barrel into a wagon in which there were people, shouting “burn them”.

The defendant in question reportedly pleaded not guilty to the court officer, claiming that he has no affiliation with organized political groups or parties and that he has been arrested once before at the age of 18, for throwing smoke. He gave his own explanation for the moment recorded in the video, while emphasizing that he never shouted the phrase “burn them!” himself.

According to information, the defendant said that at the disputed moment at the station in Monastiraki, where he was with a friend about to board, he heard shouts and banging when the train arrived. So he moved away from the train and put on the helmet he was holding in his hand to protect himself, as he saw people in black clothes and covered faces shouting “we will kill you fascists” and aggressively moving towards them throwing stones and other things.

According to the 27-year-old, the attackers “opened fire extinguishers, which even had chemical tear gas” and the atmosphere became suffocating. Then, as he is reported to have said, “I saw at the station master’s watch on the wharf that there was a barrel filled with the water discharged from the air conditioner. The only thing I thought of then was to immediately pour the water into the wagon, in order to settle the smoke from the fire extinguishers, to put out the smoke, and also to get the attackers away from me by getting them wet. All this happened very quickly and the whole incident lasted no more than three minutes, but the most important thing is that at that moment the carriage was empty of the rest of the world.”