He was brought before the Prosecutor of Thebes at noon and the chief guard apologized OPKE Boeotia for the fatal injury of the 17-year-old Roma, on Saturday at midnight.

The 17-year-old fell dead from a gunshot and after a pursuit when the car he was driving did not stop for a check.

Police sources note that the 41-year-old chief constable of OPKE Viotia claimed that during the control of the vehicle, the victim tried to grab the chief constable’s weapon, as a result of which it went off and fatally wounded him.

As it has become known from the ELAS Headquarters, an EDE has been ordered while at the same time the results of the ballistics and forensic examination are awaited in order to shed more light on the circumstances under which the tragedy unfolded.

The chief constable was brought to court under strict security measures while friends and relatives of the victim had gathered outside the court demanding his punishment.

Finally, strong police forces are around the Roma camp in Piri of Boiotia, wanting in this way to prevent the possibility of further incidents.