Coming in December digital platform for petsas stated by the Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou in his televised interview on ET1.

In particular, he said that “it is almost ready the digital platform, arose from the bill on companion animals in collaboration with the ministry, in December it will be released and presented, which now connects everyone involved with companion animals, veterinarians, shelters, municipalities, regions, the citizens themselves. Platform for if I have lost or found a companion animal, on the road when I find an animal being controlled I will be able to scan the QR code that it will carry on its collar and understand who it belongs to, as well as its health file”.

The minister also spoke about the digital service of a petition, which is currently working on a pilot level: “As a tool it is ready, we deliver the platform to the Ministry of Justice to use. Beyond this, there is the huge project of e juctice, electronic justice that will start in 2024 and, among other things, includes the remote examination of witnesses, special rooms and special equipment have been set up all over Greece in prisons, in investigative stores, in police stations. The purpose is not to waste time, forces required for prisoner transfers and not to have their own postponed”. Mr. Papastergiou emphasized the importance of the digitization of case files and records and spoke of “a new era. Digitization here will also bring changes to justice and development.”

Among other things, he emphasized that “artificial intelligence is coming, we see how it will make our lives easier, safer, change many facts. The digital assistant of is coming in a few days”, who will even answer combined questions and guide citizens where they should go to carry out their work. He even added that “now, we can do a much better analysis of the processes in order to make everything much simpler. In essence, it is the first attempt of the Greek State to enter artificial intelligence, in a package agreement that we have with the companies that work on AI machines.”

For the personal number, the minister pointed out that this is an innovation, a reform: “It is a unique opportunity to “clean up” the state’s registers, with the personal number it is a given that we know who the citizen is now”, while he added that the first time that citizens will be issued they will have the possibility to choose their own personal number (the 2 digits), while from the next four months onwards it will be issued automatically for all Greek citizens.

For the part of cyber security, Mr. Papastergiou said that a bill is coming for the new regulatory authority, the Cyber ​​Security Agency, aimed at organizing, coordinating, implementing and controlling an integrated framework of strategies, measures and actions to achieve a high level of security of the country’s network and information systems, saying characteristics: “Let’s shield all the critical infrastructures of the country”.