The Presidency of the Republic presents the new website of the Presidential Guard, on the occasion of the 155th anniversary of its establishment, at the online address:

The visitor can be informed about the glorious history of the Evzonesto get to know the parts of the Euzoni costume, to visit the traditional workshops of the manufacture of Euzoni uniforms and the famous tsaruchis, to see and listen to the rich photographic and audio-visual content, which will be constantly enriched.

As many citizens as they wish can help in this project by sending photographic material of historical importance to the Presidency of the Republic.

The history of Evzones

The long history of the Presidential Guard begins on December 12, 1868 with the formation of a combat and at the same time ceremonial part of the standing Army, called “Agema”. The purpose of its creation was to provide excellent military training to non-commissioned officers, those distinguished for their military virtue, so that they could be a model of training for the rest of the Army.

After the Balkan Wars, in 1914, it was renamed “Palace Guard”. In 1929, the year the construction of the Monument to the Unknown Soldier began, the Evzones company, under the name “President’s Guard Company”, took over its guarding.

Over the years and with the changes in the state, the renamings followed one another: “Royal Guard Company” (1940), “Unknown Soldier’s Honor Guard” (1941), “Flag Guard” (1942), “Royal Guard “(1946). However, the mission of honor guarding the Monument of the Unknown Soldier and the Palaces remained unchanged over time.

Since 1974, with the restoration of the Republic in Greece, it is now definitively called the “Presidential Guard”, has a purely ceremonial character and is subordinate to the Military Office of the Presidency of the Republic.

The Presidential Guard is not open to the general public, however it accepts organized visits to schools, Higher Education Institutions, as well as cultural and social clubs, upon request to the email address [email protected].