Clarifications on article 16 of Law 4177/2013, entitled “work and compensatory rest during the last three Sundays of the year 2023”, is provided by a circular of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, signed by the Secretary General of Labor Relations, Anna Stratinaki .

With regard to the method of granting weekly rests (days off) to employees who will be employed on the last three Sundays of the year 2023, i.e. on 17/12, 24/12 and 31/12/2023, it is clarified that, based on the applicable provisions, the weekly rest must be granted on another day of the same week.

Especially, for the year 2023 and in order to facilitate the orderly operation of the market during the festive period, it is possible, exceptionally, to grant the substitute rest also during the week following these Sundays.

Otherwise, the provisions of the labor law are still valid, which stipulate that the supplementary weekly rest requires employment of more than five hours and that employees who will be employed on Sunday must be guaranteed a minimum period of continuous rest of 24 hours per week (no. 5, Presidential Decree 88/1999).