Three people have died so far after a boat carrying refugees and migrants tried to cross to Lesvos from the opposite Turkish coast this morning amid gale-force nine Beaufort northerly winds.

The boat reached the sea area near the coast of Agios Georgios of Thermi 10 kilometers north of the city of Mytilini at about 3 after midnight.

But the strong winds literally threw her onto the rocks. The number of missing people remains unknown so far, since two young people of African origin, a man and a woman aged about 25 to 30 years old, were recovered dead, one more dead person has been identified and an attempt is being made to recover, an injured person has been transferred to the Mytilini Hospital, while finally eight survivors have been transferred to the Kara Tepe Reception and Identification Center.

According to witnesses, there were a total of 36 people on board the boat. The remaining approximately 24 passengers have escaped, according to the port authorities, to the surrounding mountains, although it is not excluded that some of them may have fallen into the sea and drowned.

The investigations by the Coast Guard and the Greek Police are continuing.