Credentialed by the strong brand name “Rhodes” and with comparative advantages its uniqueness, historical, cultural heritage, impressive Monuments, its incomparable natural beauty as well as the warm hospitality of its people, which make its tourism product exceptional, the The island of Rhodes is one of the most popular cruise ports and a top tourist destination for thousands of visitors including cruise ship passengers.

With smiles and optimism, Rhodes welcomed today, Saturday January 20, 2024, at 7 am, the first, for this year’s tourist season, approximately 890 visitors, most of them from America, of the luxury cruise ship “Viking Saturn” that approached the port of Rhodes coming from from Heraklion, Crete.

The Municipality of Rhodes with the Deputy Mayor of Tourism and Culture Giorgos Toppos, the Deputy Mayor of Communication and Administrative Services Giorgos Pattas, the president of the Municipal Council of Rhodes Kyriakos Kasapis and the president of the Municipal Port Fund of the South Dodecanese Vassilis Vagianakis, the Directorate of Tourism of the Municipality of Rhodes with the executives and tourist operators of the island, extended a warm welcome to the captain, the officials, the crew and of course the passengers of the cruise ship of the company Viking Cruises that made a “football” in the arrivals of cruise ships in Rhodes for the new year.

Officials of the Tourism Directorate of the Municipality of Rhodes distributed to the tourists printed and digital informational material about the island and Melekounia, while answering their questions about the attractions they have time to visit on the island. The first visitors to Rhodes declared themselves excited by the warm welcome and thanked the organizers for the welcome.

Rhodes cruise ship

All those present were given a tour of the cruise ship and followed by the ceremonial exchange of plaques and gifts between the vice-mayor of Tourism and Culture Georgios Toppos and the captain of the ship Captain Anders Steen, as well as the president of the South Dodecanese Port Fund Vassilis Vagianakis with the captain.

“The exploitation of all the comparative advantages of the island of Rhodes, nature, history, culture, infrastructure, lead to the further development of marine tourism, establishing Rhodes in the cruise market and in the options of approaches of international cruise companies for this year, making 2024 the year – a milestone for the cruise in Rhodes” underlined the deputy mayor Mr. Toppos, at the same time emphasizing the optimistic messages coming this year for a large number of cruise ship approaches to the port of Rhodes.

Present at the reception of the cruise ship and the awarding ceremony of honorary plaques were also the Port Facility Security Officer Panagiotis Dokos, representatives of the Rhodes Port Authority and other local authorities, as well as the shipping agent Pavlos Georgiadis, whose agency is the agent in Rhodes for the cruise company ” Viking Cruises’.

Rhodes cruise ship

And according to Mr. Georgiadis, the ships of the company “Viking Cruises” have more than 35 approaches every year to the port of Rhodes, expressing the optimism that in 2024 the cruise on the island will go better than last year.

It should be noted that the cruise ship “Viking Saturn” will depart at 6 pm for Kusadasi and will again approach the port of Rhodes on January 28, 2024.