An image of vandalism was seen in the early morning by the clergy and the faithful who went to the church of the patron saint of Larissa, Saint Achillios, for the Sunday Liturgy, while today the circular of the Holy Synod against the marriage of same-sex couples was read in the churches of the whole country.

Strangers with spray caused significant damage to the propylaea of ​​the temple by writing slogans in favor of gay people, but also against the faith of the homeland and against Metropolitan Hieronymos personally.

In front of the main entrance, they wrote obscenities against the Metropolitan of Larissa, while on the steps they mocked the face of the Virgin Mary.

I screamed

“We are not afraid” is the answer given by the Larissa Diocese.

“Strong and progressive arguments… God bless them. We are not afraid” was the metropolitan’s first reaction.

I screamed

Metropolitan Hieronymos of Larissa is one of the members of the Hierarchy who strongly reacts to the government initiative and it was he who called on the Church not to stop fighting legally against the new form of marriage even after the law was passed by the Parliament.

I screamed

The police have been informed about the incident and are conducting investigations to identify the perpetrators.