Awaiting the announcement of the IED strike across from the Ministry of Labor, counter-terrorism officials are turning their attention to the two men on a motorcycle, as captured by a CCTV camera.

The individuals approached the site, installed the device and then left.

However, it is pointed out that the image of the individuals is not clear, as their features are covered.

ELAS officers estimate that the longer the announcement of the terrorists is delayed, the greater the fears of possible new blow, either a bomb attack or an armed attack against a police target.

It is recalled that after the failed action that took place at the headquarters of the MAT in Goudi last December, the Armed Proletarian Justice which had taken responsibility for this action in its announcement had threatened that “we will strike again at the right moment (…) Next time the uniformed bastards will be across the barrel of our guns. And that’s not a threat. Not even a warning. It’s a commitment.”

According to experienced police sources, through the announcement that is expected to be issued, an attempt will be made to establish whether there are elements in common with proclamations of previous terrorist organizations, which may also show the editor.

Under the “microscope” of Counter-Terrorism have come members of inactive organizations who are out of prison or have not concerned the authorities, and have been “under the radar” for several years. They probably managed to recruit new people, probably anti-authoritarians, with no criminal record and have been of concern to the authorities possibly for some attacks on police officers in marches.

“We are not going to let this case go (of terrorism) to revive, we will not allow it,” Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis told SKAI, referring to the bomb explosion yesterday morning in front of the Ministry of Labour.

The minister spoke of serious and serious criminal activity in the city centre, while children were out having fun.