Another anesthesiologist from Agia Sofia Children’s Hospital will move to “Aglaia Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital in order to cover part of the hospital’s on-call hours in order not to suspend the operation of regular clinics.

In total five anesthesiologists will move one from the General Hospital of Corinth, three of the Peydon Pentelis and one of Children’s “Aglaia Kyriakou”.

The three doctors of Paedon Pentelis will be on call each month, for a period of three months, in order to meet urgent needs. Also, the medical director of anesthesiology, who moves from the General Hospital of Corinth, will remain for three months at Aglaia Kyriakou, with the obligation to perform 1-2 on-calls per month at the hospital he comes from.

Three anesthesiologists have been appointed from Agia Sophia who will work daily at “Aglaia Kyriakou” in rotation for the period from February 12 to February 29.

The Ministry of Health is proceeding to transfer of doctors from other hospitals, while at the same time announcing three positions for qualified doctors for the anesthesia department.

It should be noted that the “P & A KYRIAKOU” Children’s Hospital has eight operating rooms, of which three are operational. The hospital’s surgeons have decided not to suspend operations on the condition that, within the next few days, the three available doctor anesthetist posts will be advertised on an urgent basis.