Traffic checks are carried out intensively in Attica. In the last two days (9-10/2) 7,580 checks were carried out by the Attica Traffic Police and confirmed in total 1895 violations of the Road Traffic Code (C.O.K.), such as, among others, driving while intoxicated, excessive speed, failure to use a protective helmet and seat belt and traffic light violations.

Specifically, as a result of the activities of the Traffic Police, 325 driver’s licenses, 332 traffic licenses and 271 vehicle plates were withdrawn, while two arrests were made and 95 misdemeanor prosecutions were instituted.

For example, in the last two days the following violations were confirmed:

-123 for drunk driving

-120 for speeding

-72 for not wearing a seat belt in 72

-215 for not wearing a protective helmet

-14 for traffic light violations

-34 for mobile phone use

-12 for dangerous maneuvers

-383 for illegal parking

As pointed out by ELAS, operational actions for road safety in the entire road network of Attica will be intensified.