They were completed at the Piraeus Prosecutor’s Office the statements of the 4 arrested which he was accused of possession of weapons and explosives.

The two members of the Navy’s Underwater Disaster Squad are referred to the prosecutor of the Maritime Courtone with a felony for the explosives and the other with a misdemeanor for violating the weapons law.

One of the arrested, who according to ELAS is a former member of the “Nuclei of Fire, due to the incompetence of the Piraeus Prosecutor’s Office returns to Athens for a misdemeanor violation of the arms law while at his expense fourth defendantporter, was prosecuted for misdemeanor violation of the Arms Act.

Traffic with abandon, anabolics, and physical violence are some of the charges that both the two OUKades who serve in the navy and had moved to administrative positions, as well as the porter of the well-known club, had faced in the past.

According to police sources, the two UKAs were in possession of the quantity of explosives and would supply with them the former member of the “fire cores conspiracy” who second it is considered whether he had jumped to the world of night and had criminal connections.

At the same time, an alarm was sounded in the navy, while the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense were immediately checked in order to determine whether explosives have been released from there.

What were found in the houses

The arrests were made in the context of an extensive operation to combat organized crime and the domestic mafia, while pistols, bullets of various calibers, slow-burning fuses, two boxes of a significant amount of TNT and flash grenades were found in the possession of the arrested

In more detail, from the investigations carried out, the following were found and seized:

• -2- boxes of explosive TNT,
• -4- torpedo instantaneous fuses,
• grenade,
• a pistol with a cartridge in the chamber and a magazine with -5- cartridges,
• military rifle magazine,
• -2- empty pistol magazines,
• -281- cartridges of various calibers,
• cartridge transport box,
• portable wireless,
• improvised package with cannabis weighing -6- grams,
• cloth gun holster,
• Bulletproof vest,
• collapsible metal rod,
• -5- knives, of which -3- folding,
• -4- iron fists,
• bat,
• flare, smoke generator and -4- torches,
• anabolic substances,
• gas ampoules,
• -11- mobile phones,
• -6- portable electronic computers,
• External Hard Drives,
• agenda and notebook with handwritten notes.