The time is counting down for the meeting of the delegation of farmers with the prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in the Maximos Palace.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis is scheduled to meet with the block committee at 12 noon and at 13.00 the meeting with the representatives of the agricultural cooperatives.

“Let’s go with the best intentions and we’ll see”

The member of the coordination body of the farmers from Lagada, Kostas Hatziparadeisisspoke to ERT and the show “Connections” about the message he will convey to the prime minister and about what he expects from the meeting.

“Basically what we have to convey to the prime minister is that the production costs are unbearable for the farmer to continue to be in the field and immediate measures are needed and from here on what we are looking for is continuous communication with the production baseso that we take things over time to the prime minister and the secretaries-general and the Ministry so that they can be rectified poorly written which do not necessarily want money. That is, we can do a complete restructuring of agricultural production by laying the right foundations, but transferring information to the government. The contact between political leadership and productive bodies has been completely discredited” he emphasized.

The demands of the farmers

In question about the what do the farmers expect to hear from Mr. Mitsotakis, he answered: “First of all we are talking about institutionalization agricultural oil, which I consider very important for all farmers. Agricultural electricity energythe complete revision of the CAP in collaboration with productive entities, the redirection of funds in the right productive direction and the complete phytosanitary control and document base at the border. Everything that goes in should be tracked to the point and labeled so the manufacturing base knows it’s essential to the industry.”

Mr. Hatziparadeisis added: “We go with the best intentions, because the request for us is to correct the wrong texts as well. And I stick to it because a lot of it has to do with fund management.”

To a question about what will follow from the meeting, he answered: “We must agree and from then on convey to our people who are in the blocs or organizations (what was discussed) and from then on let’s judge how we will move. We have all the good mood to do a management again. Not everything is done with money. They are done with proper management. That’s why we say that We are here to help. We mean it and we really mean it. We’re not here to level them all. We are not saying that nothing has been done by this government. We are here to create a better economic environment for the agricultural world, which is responsible for feeding the country.”