Abbot Bartholomew: Do not let the rascals who lure for the virus remain unharmed |

Abbot Bartholomew: Do not let the rascals who lure for the virus remain unharmed |

Archimandrite Bartholomew, a professor at the Holy Monastery of Esfigmenos on Mount Athos, appeared in SKAI satisfied with the intervention of the prosecutor for the fake news of the anti-vaccine rasophores of Mount Athos, however he pointed out that he had made relevant complaints months ago, asking these people not to

“It is comforting that the intervention of the prosecutor for the fake news of monks took place, it is comforting that the authorities are intervening, it would have been even more comforting if I had intervened earlier, we made the complaint I made public months ago,” he pointed out.

Prior to that, Mr. Bartholomew clarified, the internet is public and in fact the people in charge, for which they are said to be in charge, have appointed people in charge to monitor and inform.

Asked about the vaccinations on Mount Athos, the abbot commented that “we are 23 in our monastery, all vaccinated”. He added that “from what I hear, many people have already asked to do the first dose, not only the third dose, and with the fear of the last days and what is heard around us and I am happy not because people are afraid and go to get the vaccine , but are now motivated by the obvious “.

Mr. Bartholomew complained that some in the holy community use the capacity of the spiritual and direct people by imposing on them what they want to follow because “this is how it should be”.

“They take advantage of their status and Mount Athos and involve the faith. “As a spiritualist, when someone comes to confess to me the problem of his sin, whatever, I as a spiritualist have red lines, until then, I can not overcome them, I will advise him, but until then I can not impose on him,” he clarified.

He stated that so far he has received courageous messages about his attitude, he has not heard anything negative so far but “the negatives will be heard by those who, as the people say, have the fly and kiss each other”.

“In matters of pandemic and measures, there is an excellent cooperation of the political administration with the holy community of Mount Athos, which contributed to the vaccination and the observance of the measures and the protection of the monasteries. But there are people who urge the world, both monks and people outside Mount Athos, not to be vaccinated. “There are discussions not to motivate but the issue is that these people remain unharmed,” he said characteristically.

“My purpose is not to go out, other than to denounce those who cause the problem and the causes, but my purpose is to motivate people, especially the unsuspecting ones, to think simply and logically about the obvious,” he said. the archimandrite Bartholomew.


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