New incident of horrific abuse and killing of an animal in I’m riding.

This morning a citizen in the area of ​​the ring road, on the outskirts of the city, found himself in front of the hideous image of a small dog who was tortured to death.

The unfortunate animal has been found mutilated on his forelegs, it also seems to have been tied around the neck with tightlywhile his head and a part of his body were burnt.


According to the animal welfare association of Kavala “Aesopos” – which published horrible images of the abuse on FB – the dog was found in the area of ​​Pr. Ilias behind the Acropolis.

From the overall picture of the belt and the wounds on its body, it is not clear whether the dog was tortured and killed at the specific place where it was found or if it was transported there.

Citizens and members of animal welfare organizations informed her police in order to ascertain the causes of the tragic killing of the animal and to find the perpetrator or perpetrators of the heinous act.

“The criminal who commits this heinous act is dangerous to all humans and animals!!” says “Aesop”