Albania, NATO member country, which has no fighter jets of its own, today opened a Soviet-era air base which it has reconstructed and which I will serves NATO aircraft amid an increased threat from Russia, as stated by the country’s prime minister Eddie Rama.

NATO has spent over 50 million euros for Koutsova Air Base in order to strengthen its presence in the region.

“It is a base that will add another element of security to our Western Balkan region which as we all know is a region at risk from the threat and neo-imperialist ambitions of the Russian Federation,” Rama said during the inauguration.

Two fighter jets from the NATO Air Base in Aviano, Italy landed in Kuchova marking the reopening of the airport.

The air base is located in the small town of Kutsova, once known as “Stalin’s Town” when Soviet and Chinese-made MIGs were on standby for take-off orders in the event of war with the West.

Possible targets at the time were Austria, Germany, Italy and Denmark, Rama said.

“Today we live in a different time and fortunately Albania is on the other side,” Rama said.

Albania, which joined NATO in 2009, is also in talks with NATO to build a naval base in Porto Romano, on the Adriatic coast.