At the Livadia Hospital ended up on Tuesday night, 90 years old, after being attacked by 4-5 dogs in the village of Elatea.

The unfortunate woman had gone out with a friend for the usual walk, when around 7 in the afternoon, stray dogs they attacked her by throwing her to the ground. Two neighbors who saw the scene and heard the voices of the two women, ran and drove the dogs away and tried to lift the old woman.

With the care of her own people, she was quickly transferred to the Livadeia Hospital, as the ambulance at that time was on another transfer and would be delayed. There it was found that he had break her hip and will need to undergo surgery.

According to the relatives of the elderly woman, the Municipality of Amfikleia – Elateia has been informed and what they are asking, like the whole village which is upset by the incident, is that everyone finally help in the proper management of the strays. They consider it necessary to remove from residential areas those dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior, in order to avoid similar dramas in the future.