Warm-up with the Night foot parade… for thousands of carnival-goers just before Sunday’s Great Parade.
Fun raises the tempo and makes the heart race. The whole of Patras celebrates its Carnival and thousands of carnival goers take to the streets for the Night Barefoot Parade.

Over 60,000 carnival-goers with 181 crews, surpassing all previous ones this year, they will pour into the streets, participating in the great parades of the Patrinos Carnival 2024, the weekend of the climax of the fun.

Saturday’s night foot parade, a spectacular spectacle will unfold on Korinthos Street and George I Square with the lights, the fast flow, the colors and the merriment giving sparkle and splendor to the night of the last Saturday of the Patrinos Carnival.

The parade follows Corinthou Street and their starting point is the height of Gounari Street. The foot parade will end at the height of Kolokotroni Street.

Watch the parade live:

In addition to the floats of the Municipality, the crews with the thousands of carnivals parade but without their own floats and small constructions. That’s why he got the name Podaratis.

The music contributes to the revelry, the lighting, the colors, the spontaneity weave an unprecedented merry-go-round of fun that unfolds at the end of the parade in George I Square.


An impressive panorama of colors, imagination, inspiration, creation and participation that transforms the city giving an atmosphere of generalized celebration. He draws from a wide range of influences and creative stimuli.


Themes with a satirical spirit, artistic direction, current or timeless power are born from their carnival demon.

There, carnival-goers and spectators engage in an endless party, which continues all night in the streets and entertainment centers of the carnival capital.

192 crews have signed up to participate in the Night Foot Parade, turning the whole city into a field of endless joy and fun.

Information from tempo24.gr and Pelop.gr