Prometheus withstood the epic counterattack of Colossus and locked up the quad!

Prometheus withstood the epic counterattack of Colossus and locked up the quad!

Terrible matsara in Patras, with Prometheus triumphant!

His team Elias Papatheodorou prevailed with a score of 84-79 Colossus of Rhodes in overtime (75-75 c.d.) and locked in the top four of the championship, in view of third round! On the other hand, Kolossos fell to 8-13, and now the six it is not in his own hands.

The Patrinos started the game excellently and managed to lead with a score of 44-24 in the third quarter. From then on, the guests made an epic counterattack and managed to put the match under their own control, leading 61-70.

Still, with big shots from Reynolds, Cowanthe home team came back, and almost took the match in normal time, with Koniari winning three shots but putting two (75-75). Finally, in extra time, Prometheus now had… wings on his feet, and scored the big victory before the pivotal match with AEK for BCL (20/03).

Leader of the winners with 22 points and 9 rebounds was Cameron Reynoldswhile 15 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists were scored by Hunter Hale. From the visitors, 27 points were scored by Andrew Goudlockbut who was “fatal” with bad decisions in the regular season finale.

The match

The first period can only be described as spectacular. The two teams started very misguided and nervous, with Kolossos in particular going without a point in the first 7 or so minutes of the quarter. The home team, in this way, led 9-0, with baskets from Chrysikopoulos, Reynolds, Stephens and a three-pointer of his Hale. In the end, the Rhodesians scored just 1 field goal and 2 shots in the entire opening period, which ended with a score of 14-4.

The guests entered the second quarter completely differently. With his two consecutive three-pointers Papadakis and a basket of Godlock, the Colossus quickly cut it to 14-12 and appeared to find the offensive rhythm it had been missing. Koniaris and Hale put Prometheus back a little further (21-15), while the latter hit another long shot to make it 26-17. Pope made the difference again by double digits (28-17), but Utomi immediately responded with a three-pointer for 28-20. In the end, with a 3-pointer by Hale and two shots by Stephens, the poor quality half ended 33-23.

The spectacle improved noticeably in the second half, with both teams playing much better. In the beginning, Prometheus was the one who dominated, with Hale and Koniari to quickly bring the difference to +15 (38-23). The visitors had no reaction in this period, with Pope and again Hale increasing Prometheus’ lead even further (42-24). Somewhere there, the reaction of the Rhodes team began. With long shots from Billis and Kamarianos, the difference fell to 11 (46-35), while the first with a layup dropped it to single digits (48-39). Despite this, the Rhodesians did not manage to get any closer and the third quarter ended 58-48.

The Rhodesians continued their counterattack in the fourth period, when o Godlock and Utomi with consecutive points they brought them within striking distance very quickly (58-57). Kamarianos put him in front with a big three-pointer Colossus (59-60), while consecutive points by Brajkovic followed for 59-64. THE Papadakis and Goudlock continued the visitors’ party with two consecutive long shots of their own for 61-70. Prometheus tried to fight back with Hale and Cowan cutting it to 67-71, but Goudlock made a big basket to make it 67-73. Reynolds cut to 70-73 with another long shot, while Papadakis scored again for 73-75. Goudlock made a tragic mistake and Koniaris took three shots, making two for 75-75 and overtime, after Goudlock missed a shot.

In overtime, with protagonists He also mentioned Reynolds, the Patrini, who returned from…hell, quickly gained the upper hand (84-79). THE Colossus he ran out of strength and now had no reaction, knowing defeat despite his great effort.

The quarters: 14-4, 33-23, 58-48, 75-75 (cit.), 84-79 (para.)

Detailed match statistics here

Source: Sport Fm

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