3 of the 10 defendants, arrested during the operation for the action of a criminal organization involved in the fatal attack on the police officer Giorgos Lyggeridis, are on their way to prison, after their apologies for violations of the drug law.

The ten defendants were brought before the 4th regular investigator in the morning before whom they pleaded guilty to the charge of supplying and possessing narcotic substances.

After the completion of the procedure, the three were judged to be in custody while the rest were released with the imposition of restrictive conditions for this case.

Of the group of defendants in court today, three face only drug-related charges and are not accused in the criminal organization case.

The other seven will be among those who will be brought in groups tomorrow and Sunday before investigators to plead guilty to the organized crime case, the killing of the policeman and other serious charges as they are attributed to each.