At the 14th State of the Union 2024 Conference organized by the European University Institute in Florence the President & CEO of Mytilineos Group and President of Eurometaux participated on Friday, Evangelos Mytileneos.

Specifically, speaking at the “Climate change green transition” panel, Mr. Mytilineos, in his capacity as President of Eurometaux, criticized the European policies that affect the sustainability of the industry, commenting that energy costs are much higher in Europe, creating an uneven playing field.

“There is no doubt that the outgoing Commission was as ‘green’ as it could be. I think the “green” transition was number 1 on the list at first, now I don’t know if the “green” transition is on the list at all. We need to combine the green transition, the decarbonisation of the economy with a healthy industry because that is how we will go further.”

In closing, Mr. Mytilineos emphasized that the climate problem is global and not purely an EU problem. European diplomacy must be used, so that other countries can follow the European example, if we really want to lay the foundations for a sustainable future for all.

Second time against the European Commission in just three days

It is the second time in less than a week that the strongman of the domestic industry has launched his “arrows” against the European Commission.

It is recalled that last Wednesday Mr. Mytilineos had participated in the BSE event entitled “European elections 2024: The world is changing. Can Europe?’where he had again blamed the Commission for a series of problems in Europe.

“We have the worst European Commission since 1956! All they talk about is green growth so generally and vaguely without proposing anything. And now recently we hear them suddenly talking about defense and security issues. The exact opposites, that is”, he had commented.

“I can say a lot, but definitely what is missing from its current leadership is accountability.”