Four occupants of an IX vehicle (two men and two women) died tragically this morning which, under unclear circumstances, collided head-on with a bus on the provincial road Xanthi-Toxotes.

According to the website, the car was traveling from Xanthi towards Kavala. Due to the collision, the vehicle was completely destroyed and the occupants were dismembered.

The impact was so severe that the vehicle was cut in two and transformed into a shapeless mass which traveled over 150m.

According to information from, there were five people in the vehicle, with four of them fatally injured, while the fifth person and the passenger of the vehicle, is being treated at the Xanthi hospital, with brain injuries.

The bus, which was carrying workers from a local business in the area, also went off the road, injuring six people.

At this point, a man from the fire brigade is trying to extricate the four dead, while the injured have been taken to the Xanthi hospital.

According to the Fire Service, two women and two men were pulled out of the vehicle unconscious.