Reporting: Marialene Tsouvelekidis

The transition to electric green taxis, which will circulate on the streets of Attica, is expected to get a new boost after the coordinated initiative of ZAP Taxi Club, FREENOW and Ethniki Leasing.

In particular, the ZAP SA., a company created by SirecEnergy, develops a new fast charging network in Attica, exclusive use for electric taxis, members of the ZAP Taxi Club. The specific taxis can get them those included in the FREENOW platformtaxi license holders, retiring their old conventional vehiclewith a financial lease agreement from National Leasinghaving full coverage of vehicle maintenance, insurance and required energy.

Taxi drivers hesitant – Unavailable Recovery Fund money

For two years now, the Recovery and Resilience Fund has been “running” the “Green Taxis” project of 40.01 million euros which concerns the replacement of old, polluting Taxi vehicles with new, purely electric, zero-emission vehicles. The state undertakes a subsidy of 22,500 euros for the retirement of the old taxi and the acquisition of a new electric Taxi.

As stated by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Christos Staikouras, at the press conference of SirecEnergy, FREENOW and National Leasing, “the Budget of the action “Green Taxis” is sufficient for the replacement 1,770 old and polluting taxi with pure electrics, subject to the mandatory withdrawal of the old vehicle. The amount of the subsidy is particularly high, as it reaches up to 40% – the pre-VAT value of the taxi, with the maximum total aid amounting to 22,500 euros”.

However, taxi drivers are very reluctant to take steps in this direction. So far they have been on the streets of Attica 35 electric taxis and they have been less than 200 applications with the result that funds from the Recovery and Resilience Fund remain unallocated, as stated by the General Secretary of Transport, Mr. Ioannis Xifaras at the press conference.

The possible reason for the reluctance observed so far is the fact that the subsidy may be delayed in being awarded and the taxi driver thinks that by then he will have pocketed the entire new car purchase amount.

How will the process proceed from now on – What the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport said

Ethniki Leasing undertakes to buy the car and enters into a leasing contract with the taxi owners, who are obliged to pay a fixed monthly rent. Then, the owners of the new electric taxis – now members of the ZAP Taxi Club – integrated into the FREENOW platform, and specifically the “Green Taxi” fleet, automatically take priority in the company’s driver partner rewards program. Taxi owners participating in the ZAP Taxi Club and having ensured the maintenance and insurance of their car, as well as direct access to ZAP’s 24/7 fast charging network, benefit from savings of at least 30% on the total cost of operating the taxi and from the highest revenues due to priority distribution of electric vehicles to passengers, through the FREENOW platform.

O Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Christos Staikourasat the ZAP Taxi Club press conference, stated that “Taxi owners, through the acquisition of a new electric vehicle, benefit from zero maintenance costs, savings of at least 30% on the total cost of running their taxi, direct access to the express network charging of ZAP, and the highest revenues due to priority distribution of electric vehicles to passengers”.

Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Christos Staikouras

What is included in the monthly rent?

The average monthly rent will be indicatively from 980 to 1,200 euros, plus VAT, and will be configured according to the type of car chosen, the annual km and the years of the lease, and will include the cost of the car, fire liability insurance and theft, regular maintenance at authorized workshops, breakdown coverage and charging to the ZAP network for 250km per day.

According to information on the sidelines of the Press Conference, the owner of the taxi will initially pay the amount of 1,900-2,100 euros, depending on the car he has chosen and then when the subsidy is granted he will pay the aforementioned amounts.

The monthly rent includes:

  • car value
  • regular fire and theft liability insurance coverage
  • maintenance at authorized workshops
  • coverage of all extraordinary damages
  • charging to the ZAP energy network = 45 KWh/day covering 250 km per day

For those interested, there is a choice of vehicles from 7 cooperating manufacturers (Skoda, Mercedes, VW, KIA, Hyundai, MG, BYD) and 4-year or 5-year contracts with 100,000 and 75,000 kilometers per year respectively. As the Managing Director of Ethniki Leasing, Mr. Theodoros Spyropoulos, pointed out, “if someone wishes to buy a car of a different brand than the ones mentioned above, they can do so without any hindrance. Seven-seater cars are also included.”

The charging network – Where the 10 stations are located

According to information on the sidelines of the Press Conference, 10,000,000 have been invested so far for the charging stations. Another 50,000,000 is estimated for the purchase of the cars. The goal is to convert a total of 1000 taxis to electric. The charging network can cover the charging of 1200 cars. While the depreciation of the money is assessed within three years.

The charging network is currently being developed in 10 central points in Attica:

  • airport area,
  • OAKA,
  • Limena Piraeus area,
  • Athens center,
  • Kifisos KTEL bus station,
  • North, West and South suburbs

The taxi driver will be able to make an appointment through the corresponding application to see the availability per station, in order to go and charge his car.


As stated by the President and CEO of SIrecEnergy, Mr. Dionysis Alysandratos: “The 1st charging point will be put into operation in June, the remaining 9 by the end of 2024 and will provide the possibility for electric taxis to charge within 20 minutes”.

At each point there will be:

  • At least 3 double chargers from the German company ADS-TEC certified by PORSCHE
  • Super-high power (300KW) each

Some pros and cons in brief – Applications are now open

The monthly lease includes a daily charge of 45 KWh, which covers 250 km if someone wants to do more kilometers they will have to cover the amount themselves. A full charge takes 20 minutes and goes per car not per driver. This means that if a taxi car has two drivers, they are entitled to one charge and the other should be paid by themselves.

Drivers are, however, expected to benefit from their priority in the FREENOW app. For example, if a potential passenger calls a taxi first, the electric taxi will be given a chance to pick him up and then the rest, even if the electric taxi is further away (not too far).

As the General Director of FREENOW, Ms. Aspa Topalidou stated in the Press Conference, if the transition of 1000 taxis to electric ones is implemented “It will be as if we have planted trees in an area in Attica comparable in size to the Parnitha National Forest”.

46% of total FREENOW trips in 2023 were made by electric or hybrid taxis.

Those interested can already contact National Leasing for more information at 210-5195000 and proceed with their application through the network of National Bank branches.