Copo Cheio: Brewery inside a winery in RS is elected the best in Brazil


​If you search the internet for the official website of the Alem Bier brewery, you will find information on the Monte Reale Winery page. But don’t be surprised, the brewery was actually born inside the winery, in Flores da Cunha (RS).

On Tuesday night (8), Alem Bier was elected the best brewery in the country by the Brazilian Beer Contest, in Blumenau, the main award of its kind in the country. The gauchos got 10 medals in total, 4 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze.

In second place, repeating last year’s performance, was the brewery “of the house”, Blumenau, with 7 medals, 3 of them gold. The podium formed only with breweries from the south was closed by Sabores do Malte, also from Santa Catarina, with 8 medals, 3 gold — but it loses to Blumenau for having fewer silver medals (3 to 1).

Born in 2017, the young Alem Bier produces traditional styles, but bets on more complex labels, aged in barrels or with wild yeasts, and even takes advantage of the wine experience. Among those that won gold medals, for example, are Pinot Noir Grape Ale Harvest 2019 (brett beer category), Muscat Brett Saison (specialty saison) and Moscato Giallo Grape Ale (wild beer).

Four-time champion with consecutive titles in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, Cathedral, from Maringá, did not participate in the contest this year.

Blumenau wins Best of Show

In its tenth edition, the Brazilian Beer Contest broke the record for the number of samples entered, with 3,635 beers from 587 breweries in 21 Brazilian states.

And Cervejaria Blumenau won the Best of Show award, given to the best label among all those listed at the event. The champion was CraftLab Grodziskie, a Polish-style beer uncommon on the world market, made with oak-smoked wheat malt.

The beer is part of Blumenau’s CraftLab line, which makes special limited-edition labels.

Catharina Sour Caju e Pitanga, from Unika (Santa Catarina) and B7, an experimental Indian pale ale, from Bragantina (São Paulo), came in second and third, respectively, in the Best of Show.

“We are very happy with all the results. This one, specifically, because of the high level of the judges and because we know that some came from Poland, the country that gave rise to the Grodziskie style”, commented brewmaster Marcos Guerra.

With judges from 21 countries, the award still had time to honor the Ukrainian Lana Svitankova, judge and brewer cicerone. A resident of Zurich (Switzerland), Svitankova was moved on stage and left in tears. She took advantage of her visit to Brazil to promote the Drinkers For Ukraine project, which aims to raise funds for the Red Cross that is working in her country.

Many of the beers awarded at the event should be seen at the Brazilian Beer Festival, scheduled to take place between May 3 and 6, in Vila Germanica.

The journalist traveled at the invitation of Ablutec, which organizes the Brazilian Beer Contest

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