Precision Allowance: How the 200 euros will be given by April 21 – Who are the beneficiaries

Precision Allowance: How the 200 euros will be given by April 21 – Who are the beneficiaries

An amendment of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, submitted to the draft law of the Ministry of Health, provides the terms and conditions for the granting of emergency financial assistance to low-income retireesτους recipients of disability benefitsτους uninsured seniorsτους beneficiaries of the Minimum Guaranteed Income and the beneficiaries of Child Allowance before Easter, and more specifically until April 21, following the relevant announcements of the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, earlier this month.

As has already been announced, the total amount of the intervention is estimated at 324 million euros and concerns 1.7 million beneficiaries. The aid measures benefit about 1.4 million households, with more than 3.2 million members, to cover some of the rising prices for goods and energy.

A. More specifically, regarding the extraordinary financial assistance of 200 euros that will be given to approximately 677,000 low-income pensioners until April 21, 2022 (with the cost of the measure estimated at 135 million euros) it is provided that:

1. Potential beneficiaries of the aid are those who in March 2022 received:

a) Permanent or temporary pension or advance payment of main pension due to old age, disability or death
b) Pre-retirement benefit
c) Disability benefits (what is paid by e-EFKA)
d) Those pensioners who receive a pension from the General Accounting Office of the State in accordance with the provisions of par. 3 of article 4 of law 4387/2016 (war invalids, artists, etc.) are also occupied.

2. In order to determine the final beneficiaries, it will be considered that the following conditions are cumulatively met:

– The annual individual taxable income for the tax year 2020 does not exceed seven thousand two hundred (7,200) euros.
-Their annual family taxable income (the sum of the taxable income of the obligor and his / her spouse / party to the cohabitation agreement) does not exceed fourteen thousand four hundred (14,400) euros.
– The total value of the real estate of the household, which results from the act of administrative determination ENFIA year 2021 (tax year 2020), does not exceed the amount of two hundred thousand (200,000) euros.
-They are tax residents of Greece and have submitted an income tax return for the tax year 2020.

3. The amount of aid per beneficiary is -as mentioned above- 200 euros, regardless of the number of its dependent members. If both spouses are beneficiaries of the aid, then the aid is paid to both beneficiaries.

4 The aid will be tax-free, unsecured and will not be offset against any debts of the pensioner.
5. In order to identify the final beneficiaries of the emergency financial assistance, e-EFKA and GLC will send to AADE a file with the TIN and AMKA of all potential beneficiaries, in order to make cross-references with the data kept by AADE and to confirm that all the conditions that have been set are cumulatively met. AADE will produce the file with the final beneficiaries, which will be sent to the e-EFKA and the GLC that will make the payment.

B. Regarding the granting of extraordinary financial aid to the approximately 167,000 beneficiaries of the OPEC disability allowance, it is foreseen that for April the welfare benefits in cash will be increased by 200 euros. The surcharge is paid once until April 21 at the latest. In other words, it will precede the regular payment of the monthly welfare benefit that will take place on April 30. The cost of the measure is estimated at 33.4m euros.

It is also provided that the monthly pension of uninsured elderly and the social solidarity allowance of uninsured elderly are granted in increments of 200 euros to the approximately 35,000 beneficiaries. In this case, too, the surcharge is paid once, until April 21. The cost of the measure is estimated at 7m euros

It is clarified that if a low-income pensioner of EFKA is at the same time a beneficiary of a disability or other OPEC allowance, he will only receive the support of low-income pensioners.

C. In order to support the beneficiaries of the Minimum Guaranteed Income, ie households living in conditions of extreme poverty, in April a double installment will be granted to its approximately 240,000 beneficiaries. The extra installment will be paid once, and will precede the regular one paid on April 30th. The cost of the measure is estimated at 50.9 million euros.

D. There is also a one-time financial support for April for families receiving child allowance, which corresponds to an additional one and a half monthly child allowance. The amount of aid is 105 or 63 or 42 euros for each child for the first and second child, depending on the amount of income, and 210 or 126 or 84 by the third and for each subsequent child. The beneficiaries amount to 625,000, with more than 1 million children and the cost of the measure is estimated at 97.5 million euros.

E. Finally, Article 3 of the amendment regulates the payment of the proportion of the Easter 2022 holiday allowance to employees whose employment contract was suspended in January 2022, as part of the measures to address the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

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