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Salo with vulgar comments from port officials about Caroline’s murder – Condemns the Ministry of Shipping


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His sources characterize him as “unacceptable” Ministry of Shipping the comments of his trade unionists Coast Guard for brutal murder of 20-year-old Caroline Krauts in Glyka Nera.

In a video released by teleconference of port workersheard to make vulgar jokes and sexist comments on June 18, 2021, a day after his confession Babi Anagnostopoulos that he he savagely murdered his wife inside their house.

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“These are unacceptable statements and very unfortunate jokes, which do not express in any case the executives, women and men, of the Greek Coast Guard”, commented sources of the Ministry of Shipping.

What the port officials say in the video of shame

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In the video, the president of the Union of Personnel of the Coast Guard (EPLS) of the Southern Peloponnese, Sarantos Kamvisis, is heard saying: “Today I am telling my wife” sit well, do not get a pilot’s degree “. The woman is a bone “, with the others considering the comment funny and laughing.

“Well done buddy, let them learn”, the president of the Lesvos-Chios Coast Guard, Fotios Garoufalias, can be heard answering him.

“Did you see that the little girls when they were little say I will marry a pilot”, continues the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Coast Guard Associations (POEPLS), Mr. Tsianos.

Finally, the president of LS Lesvos-Chios, refers to a crime that took place in Mytilene: “We, children, had a very quiet man over here… He also had one there, God forgave him, who did whatever he wanted (.). At some point he turns his mind, he kills her. He goes and buries her over here, in Dipi. So we say an area going to Kalloni. So then he would go out and say “either faithful at home or naked, buried in Dipi”.

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