Lignadi trial: Violent apprehension of the 3rd alleged rape victim ordered by the court


Command for violent apprehension of the third complainant of his rape by Dimitris Lignadis gave the Mixed Jury Court which did not appear to testify and was not located either by his lawyer or by the Court that tried to find him. The request for forcible bringing of the witness was made by the defense of the accused, which was accepted by the judges who want to testify before the investigating authorities the alleged victim of rape in 2018 when he was an adult.

Witnesses proposed by Dimitris Lignadis testified in today’s proceedings, as he was not able to testify the fourth alleged victim of rape, when he was a minor, due to covid-19 symptoms. The witness provided a negative test, however, for reasons of public health protection, all parties agreed not to start his testimony today and to proceed with the process of depositing persons from the environment of the accused.

His brother’s ex-wife was found at the witness stand head of the National Theaterwho stated that she is absolutely sure that the actor is a victim of a conspiracy that emerged and was instigated by people in the area of ​​the Left. “It started from the theater and the National so that Dimitris would not be in charge and this was taken advantage of by a specific venue that organized it” said the witness who assessed that the competent minister described the accused as a “dangerous man” fearing what might happen in the case.

The woman, answering questions from Civil Education, said that D. Lignadis as the artistic director of the National Theater had “Strong personality and wanted to emphasize the ancient culture and Greece”. This, according to the witness, does not like some in the left space that “It is a place that supports neither excellence nor ancient Greece.”

Asked if she thinks that both the judges and the prosecutors who dealt with the alleged rape case belong to the specific area, the witness clarified that she did not say about the court and the judicial authorities but about the motive of the case which concerns the specific politician. space. He also stated that during the first sessions of the trial he saw a SYRIZA MP in court. She also said that the fact that the plaintiffs’ common lawyers are strengthening her assessment of the conspiracy by the Left. In this position, one of the lawyers of the alleged victims responded by saying “you will be surprised if you see what my ideology is”, with the president having already intervened saying that what the witness said about the lawyers does not concern the facts.

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