Iliopoulos: The government’s refusal to do what is necessary brings the lockdown closer


Nassos Iliopoulos underlined the urgent need “for the vaccination of the citizens to run door-to-door” in last night’s Ionian TV news bulletin, noting that the vaccination must run “door-to-door for the third dose, and for 20% of the unvaccinated our fellow citizens in the vulnerable group over 80 years old “, as well as that the establishment of mobile vaccination units and the strengthening of primary care is urgently needed.

The SYRIZA-PS spokesman referred to the daily tragedy with dozens of dead, “1,674 in November alone” and accused the government of “capitulating to the pandemic” and that “the next lockdown is coming closer because the government has refused to does what is necessary “.

He criticized the government for not answering “how much are the losses outside the ICU but also the mortality rate inside the ICU”. He stressed that “the government does not take measures only for the unvaccinated, when 80% of the planned surgeries are canceled it affects the whole society” and “hospitals become hospitals again for a single disease”, while “private clinics remain outside the battle “, clarifying that he is talking about” ordering large private clinics, not about simply recruiting private doctors “. He further added that “even today it denies teleworking, a measure that could reduce the pressure on public worksplaces and public transport” and that it “continues to merge into thousands of school units, creating classes with 28 and 29 children”.

On the issue of accuracy, Mr. Iliopoulos spoke about the inability of the Mitsotakis government to plan strategically to address the problem, commenting that this “was already evident from the TIF, when K. Mitsotakis announced only 150 million euros, ie 9 euros per month for households “. Finally, the SYRIZA spokesperson pointed out that there is an urgent need to reduce the Excise Tax on oil and gas, to increase the basic salary and to settle and write off part of the pandemic debt.


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