SKAI poll: ND-SYRIZA “gap” in 11 points – Concern over Turkey’s stance


New Democracy is recording a lead of 11 percentage points against SYRIZA in the intention to vote with a reduction on the valid ones, according to the new big poll of SKAI and Pulse that was presented in the main news bulletin with Sia Kosioni.

Analytically, ND gathers 35%, SYRIZA 24%, followed by the Movement for Change with 10%, the KKE with 5.5%, the Hellenic Solution with 4%, the MERA25 with 3% and the Greeks with 1.5%. A high percentage of 9.5% is collected by the undecided, while 7.5% answered “other”.

Read in detail the findings of the poll

In the intention to vote with all the answers, the “gap” between ND and SYRIZA remains at 10%, with the ruling party collecting 33% and the party of the official opposition 23%. They are followed by KINAL with 9.5%, the KKE with 5.5%, the Hellenic Solution with 4%, the MERA25 with 3%, the Greeks with 1.5%, while 7% of the sample answer “another” party, 4.5% white / invalid / abstention and 9% declare YES / Undecided.

Regarding the gathering of ND voters, it is at 73%, SYRIZA at 66% and the Movement for Change at 73%.

When asked who is more suitable for prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis leads with 16 points of Alexis Tsipras, gathering 40% against 24% of the president of the official opposition. On the contrary, the percentage of respondents who answered “Neither of them” amounts to 32%.

Great concern for the Greek-Turkish

At the same time, more than 6 out of 10 Greeks express their concern about the attitude of Turkey. Specifically, when asked how much they are concerned about the attitude of Turkey and Greek-Turkish issues in general, 62% in total (from 60% in total in the October poll) answered a lot (34%) and quite a lot (28%). 17% of citizens state that 18% of citizens are moderately concerned, while 14% overall say “little” (6%) and little to no (8%).

The identity of the research

Pulse’s research is nationwide and was done by phone using a structured electronic questionnaire. The sample concerned 4,012 adults with the right to vote and took place between November 20-25, 2021.


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