Vaccination in over 60s: The first hours after mandatory – What worries the government


At the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that vaccination over the age of 60 is becoming mandatory. “It is a decision that tormented me personally,” he said, adding, however, that this decision, as unpleasant as it is, will save lives. “Vaccination is not only mandatory, it is necessary,” he stressed.

The amendment on the mandatory vaccination for those over 60 was approved by the votes of ND and KINAL.

According to information from SKAI, during the meeting of the cabinet, an assessment was transferred based on the scientific data and the data that EODY has.

Based on these data, one in two of the 520,000 citizens over 60 will be vaccinated. That means less than 250,000 will be left unvaccinated, the hard core that insists on not getting the vaccine.

Indicative, however, of the decision for obligation was that in the first 24 hours after its announcement, 17,500 appointments were closed, when in the previous days the appointments did not exceed 2,600.

The government is concerned about Thessaloniki and Northern Greece in general, as it has the most hospitalizations and intubations, with the NSS under the greatest pressure.

The situation in Macedonia was discussed in detail at the Council of Ministers, while the situation in other regions shows much better than in Northern Greece, especially in Attica.

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