Parthena Koutmeridou: Her gynecologist accuses her husband of being a fanatical anti-vaccine


Mourning prevails in Serres for the loss of the 38-year-old lawyer Parthena Koutmeridou.

Parthena Koutmeridou contracted a coronavirus at the end of October, while she was 7 months pregnant. She had not been vaccinated.

A friend of hers, a lawyer, spoke about the unfortunate girl’s concern about whether she should be vaccinated while she is pregnant. “I know he did not just ask a doctor. It was a choice he made because he asked for some opinions from people and experts. “She did not just ask her own doctor, she came to this because she asked some people and they directed her in that direction.”

Speaking to SKAI, her gynecologist denies that he urged her not to be vaccinated and accuses her husband of being a fanatical anti-vaccine.

“I repeatedly advised them to get vaccinated and they refused and we got to the point where her husband did not show up for visits and sat down in the car.”

As she said, she does not know the reason why she refused to be vaccinated, however it seems that someone was influencing her.

The 38-year-old lawyer, daughter of the former PASOK MP, Stathis Koutmeridis, has been trying to have a child for 10 years. Eventually, she managed to get pregnant during the pandemic, which is why she had postponed her vaccination.

A friend of Parthena Koutmeridou and also a lawyer said that “those around her urged her to do it, she just had patience for 1-2 months until the pregnancy was over, the child was born healthy and she did it right after.”

Unfortunately she got sick and her health was deteriorating rapidly. In fact, a few hours before he was intubated at Hippocrates, the doctors took the child by caesarean section, who fortunately is in good health.

Parthena Koutmeridou was hospitalized for 40 days in the Intensive Care Unit ..

As a friend of hers stated, “she was transferred to Agios Loukas about 10 days ago, in order to have a, say, better treatment. “He had completely destroyed his lungs, and in the end he had lung failure.”

Until recently, her husband begged for blood via Facebook. “There is an urgent need for blood for my wife. He is being treated in Agios Loukas, Thessaloniki. Anyone who can help. “

The 38-year-old was accompanied by her brother, Theodoros Koutmeridis. At such a time last year, he also had coronavirus and pneumonia, but fortunately he overcame it. This year, in November, he ran the Athens Marathon, dedicating the medal to his sister who was in the ICU.

In order not to have other such cases, with pregnant women who are not vaccinated, Elpis and Attikon hospitals set up the hotline, 213 2039142, in order to inform pregnant women and women of childbearing age in general, about anything related to the coronavirus and vaccination.

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