Voridis in SKAI: “Window” for extension of the obligation to other categories


“Open” left the possibility of the mandatory vaccination to be extended to other categories, the Minister of Interior Makis Voridis speaking to SKAI and the show “Today”.

Specifically, when asked about the possibility of the need to impose obligations on other groups, the Minister replied that such a thing could happen. “There will always be such a debate in this difficult management of the difficult disease,” he added.

Regarding the obligation, he noted that it is legitimate because it is a measure that serves the public interest and protects public health.

“It simply came to our notice then. “There were measures to restrict, to avoid synchronization, measures that did not allow the unvaccinated to have access to synchronization points, so there were a number of measures before we reached this result”, he further commented.

Mr. Voridis also stated that this government decision is based on epidemiological data, which justify this targeting of 60+ because the vast majority of those who entered the ICU and the people who ended up belong to this age group. “In this respect it is a proportionate measure,” he said
Parliament was deemed constitutional,

Explaining the reason why the government has now taken this measure, he clarified that the epidemiological data have now changed: “If you take the measures quickly, then their reasoning suffers. Pressure must arise to respond with such a restrictive measure. “If I take it without pressure, then someone will tell me why you are imposing this restriction on me?”, He stressed.

Regarding the imposition of the fine, he pointed out that there could have been a range in their costs, depending on everyone’s income and it could be done in stages, but there one would have to make a complex calculation and the police could not look for the tax data of each unvaccinated. That is why, as he stated, the legislator puts the threshold in the administrative fines so that you can have fast results, as is the goal of the measure, that is, the vaccination.

Mr. Voridis also stated that the audits in the churches are done by the competent electoral bodies while he stressed that the audits in the public sector are done on a sample basis because not all civil servants can be audited daily.

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