Tsipras: Mr. Mitsotakis believes that small and medium entrepreneurship has no reason to exist

Tsipras: Mr. Mitsotakis believes that small and medium entrepreneurship has no reason to exist

He had a meeting with the board of the National Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship.

He blamed the government and Kyriakos Mitsotakis for indifference to small and medium-sized businesses Alexis Tsipras in a meeting he had with the board of the National Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, shortly before he transferred to TIF.

“It was no accident that there was no reference to small and medium entrepreneurship from the announcements made at the TIF”, the president of SYRIZA-PS commented according to party sources, and this is because, as he argued, “small and medium entrepreneurship has no place in the perception of the government”. “We may disagree on what measures one can take to support an industry, but if we don’t believe that this industry has a reason to exist, that is a structural disagreement,” noted Mr. Tsipras, denouncing the “attitude of indifference” of the government for small and medium enterprises. He added that “we also saw this from the Pissarides plan and we also saw it from a series of statements that were made throughout the previous period about zombies who have no place in the Greek economy and it is a perception that Mr. Petsas said eloquently: “whoever cannot to adapt, it dies”‘.

As for what should be done in the next period, the leader of the official opposition emphasized that the problems of the sector will not be solved only with some bonus announcements. “I hear and will hear some requests, which in my opinion are chronic and reasonable, because there are many distortions in our tax system as well. But what we all need to look for together are structural reforms that will support the sector,” he said, noting that the big weapon is the Development Fund resources, which we have to see how they will be used. He expressed his concern that “these resources will not be used at all to support small and medium entrepreneurship” and added that, on the contrary, “there are indications that they will be directed in the vast majority to support large business groups”. “I’ll tell you just one thing,” Mr. Tsipras continued, “in the part that concerns lending, 500 million have already been committed for lending to only 13 large business groups at an interest rate of 0.7%-0.8%. Essentially, 500 million to enable these business groups to change their borrowing from the systemic banks and get a cheap loan and make a profit.” He underlined that thus “resources are being deprived from the real economy and from dozens of other medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized entrepreneurship”.

According to the same sources, the president of SYRIZA-PS referred to the support of businesses in the midst of the pandemic, questioning whether this money covered the real needs of businesses or led to money being given to entrepreneurs who were not in such great need.

Finally, always according to the same sources, the representatives of ESEE for their part “described in black colors the difficult winter that is coming since, as they said, the 680,000 companies in the sector employing 1.5 million workers will have to solve the difficult equation: high operating costs with reduced turnover’. In addition, “they emphasized that the Prime Minister’s reference to the TIF is only indirect. And the indirect benefit that arises for small and medium enterprises is from the possible increase in consumption through the support that will be given to weak households”.


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