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Theodorikakos in SKAI: 1,500 tried to cross the Evros yesterday – Turkey’s organized plan


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The Minister of Citizen Protection complained that immigrants are being transported even by Turkish gendarmerie vehicles to Evros. He assured that Greece will not allow the slightest.

The Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, denounced an organized plan to promote migrants to the Greek border on the part of Turkey, speaking on SKAI TV and the “Today” show.

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Yesterday about 1,500 people tried to cross into our country from the border at Evros and turned back when they found the strong presence of prevention measures, according to Mr. Theodorikakos.

I want it to be clear, that an organized plan on the part of Turkey is obvious that it exists, in most cases they are brought by Turkish gendarmerie vehicles. You don’t call this either spontaneous or unorganized,” emphasized the Minister of Citizen Protection.

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He clarified, however, that the “threat” currently has not taken the form it had in February and March 2020. “We are closely monitoring the situation to not allow the slightest thing to happen,” he noted.

Bulgaria impressed by the Greek fence on the Evros

Mr. Theodorikakos also said that yesterday he agreed with his Bulgarian counterpart that Athens and Sofia will unite, coordinate and strengthen their efforts to respond to the common challenge of the instrumentalization of immigrants from Turkey.

He also mentioned that his Bulgarian counterpart said he was very impressed by the Greek fence on the Evros and that the country is considering upgrading its own fence, which is smaller and rudimentary.

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