Apostolakis to SKAI: Unprecedented challenges from Turkey – They have something in mind


“Don’t go crazy with what we hear and think that the Turks will make war on us tomorrow” he underlined.

“We are living challenges from Turkey that we have probably never seen before in such tension, and the tones don’t drop” the former Minister of Defense and honorary AGEETHA told SKAI Evangelos Apostolakis.

“They want to pass the narrative that Greece is an aggressive country, maximalist, threatens Turkey and is preparing for aggressive actions and is about the militarization of the islands… It is trying to convince the public that these are a threat to Turkey,” explained the former Minister of Defense and honorary AGEETHA.

“They are building a narrative that Greece threatens Turkey and the islands are reinforced by the Greeks and they have something in mind, they are planting an aggression and a bad feeling for the Greeks in Turkey, trying to convince that we want to go to war with Turkey, without there being a similar reality” continued Mr. Apostolakis.

According to the former minister, “the Turkish opposition appears to be saying ‘why don’t you take some action to block the ships’… essentially as if they are saying ‘why don’t you intervene militarily'”.

Mr. Apostolakis explained that Turkey has upgraded the use of drones over the Aegean, as they are also cheap to use.

“Let’s not go crazy with what we hear and think that the Turks will make war on us tomorrow” he emphasized anyway.

“Right now we see that Erdoğan’s presence at the UN and his attempt to communicate with Biden failed… he provokes Greece and the Greek people on the other hand it seemed that he got a message that ‘this way we are not going anywhere’. I believe he got the message, both from us and from Americans, and from the Western world,” he noted.

On the subject of the demilitarization of the islands, Mr. Apostolakis pointed out: “I think we have room to put ‘water in our wine’ or to accept some concessions. We shouldn’t discuss it and we don’t.” “If it is discussed, I don’t know under what guarantees and conditions the Greek government can accept something… I don’t know that, it’s a matter for the government” he clarified.

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