The comfortable green victory, the top Vigiafanies and the smiles for the extremists


Panathinaikos got what they wanted in yesterday’s winning match against Atromitos, won the three points with relative comfort and ease and made a first reaction after the defeat by AEK. The greens in the last four matches of the championship, count three wins and 9 points. Undoubtedly, they have a better harvest than the previous games, but there is still a way to go higher in the standings and to cover the lost ground.

In the clover, of course, there is satisfaction for the seriousness of the team in the “clean” 2-0 of the Avenue, but what is required is the consistency and the … habit in the victories. Ivan Jovanovic wants a better sequel than his players, which is why everyone is looking at the next obligations in order to win the three points in each match and the ongoing progress.

MVP Vigiafanies, smiles for Palacios – Aitor

Lucas Vigiafanies was also the top of Panathinaikos yesterday. He had quality transfers, he organized the team game, he was in a good mood again with dynamism and decisive tackles. The Argentine has been transformed for the better lately. For the 5th match in a row he was distinguished and in the match with Atromitos he was by far the top and most valuable for the “clover”.

There must be smiles for the extremists as well, who lately are also rising, presenting a better face. Palacios was again quite active, missed a great opportunity in the first half and scored a great goal with individual energy to seal the victory of Panathinaikos. This was the 2nd goal of the Argentine. A goal that he needed a lot, especially after the great opportunities he lost in the derby with AEK and they created murmurs and whining.

As for Aitor, he was appetizing and positive again. We are talking about a player who in the summer was, in essence, out of the plans and looking for a team. Ivan Jovanovic is believed to have managed to “win” him, boosting his morale and giving him confidence, but also the fact that he uses him in the last matches, rewarding the good image in training. The Spaniard had the assist in Carlitos’ goal, making an excellent cross to his compatriot. He could have scored in the replay if he had trusted his right foot when he found himself in the area and did not delay to bring it to his left.

The … well-known Carlitos and the essential extreme backs

Carlitos proved again that he is a striker who can make the … half phase of goals. The Spaniard returned to the starting lineup, he also returned to the goals! In the first good visit of Ivan Jovanovic’s team in the opponent’s area (after half an hour of possession, but also chatter, without opportunities), Carlitos opened the score and reached 9 goals at the end of the first round in the Super League. You do not say it badly …

Sanchez and Chatzitheodoridis played as extreme backs instead of Kotsiras and the punished Juankar, respectively. The two of them did not have impressive moments in their game, nor … did they dazzle the audience. They can not, after all, do such a thing. They were, however, serious and substantial. After the sluggish first 20 minutes, they started to pick up the pace and get into the atmosphere of the match for good. The Greek left back, in fact, participated a lot in the offensive game with ascents from his side, while the Argentine had a good cross in the replay to Carlitos. They are not footballers who can raise the quality of the defense, but they have the opportunity as alternatives to do more than honest appearances.

PS: Bart Senkefeld played in the last 10 minutes as a substitute, taking the place of Charlia. The Dutchman is back in his coach’s plans, after the injury that bothered him a lot, but he will still need some time to find a rhythm, which is completely logical. A little more patience to see again, admittedly, the leader of the green defense in his normal.

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