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Theodorikakos on the “blockade” of Tzitzikostas from Turkey: An unacceptable challenge that irreparably exposes the Turkish regime


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“Turkey should finally respect elementary rules of International Law,” the Minister of Citizen Protection typically states.

THE Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, after the meeting he had with the Deputy Governor P.E. Pellas Iordani Tzamtzis, made a statement regarding the visit he makes to Central and Western Macedoniathe economic prospects of the prefecture of Pella by strengthening rural development and the important development projects that have been launched by the Government and upgrade the region.

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Mr. Theodorikakos also referred to the high level of security in Edessa, but also to the effective guarding of the borders of Greece and the EU. in Evros by the Greek Police.

Commenting on the Turkish challenge with the ban on the entry of the Regional Governor of Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, to Smyrnawhere he was going to participate in the Euro-Mediterranean Summit of the European Commission of Regional Governors, the Minister stressed that Turkey should finally respect elementary rules of International Law.

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The statement of the Minister of Citizen Protection in detail:

“Today I am in Edessa and in the prefecture of Pella, because we are always close to the Greek citizens, because as I usually say, Greece is not only Athens, nor is it mainly Athens. The prefecture of Pella has achieved a lot during the 3 years of government of the place by the Government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, it has very important economic prospects, the Government has proven by actions that it is next to the citizens, the rural population is strengthened and emergency situations are treated with financial support that have arisen, important road anti-flood projects have been launched and the development prospects are very dynamic for the benefit of all citizens.

In addition to these, I find with great satisfaction that the level of security for all citizens in the prefecture is very high, to put it simply the citizens of Edessa as well as the whole of Pella are and feel safe and this is due to a very large extent to the excellent work what the executives, men and women, of the Hellenic Police do, whom we support with all our strength to respond to their complex social work.

On the occasion of my presence here and because of the events, I want to send a message. We Greeks are absolutely united against every Turkish challenge. You know that we face such challenges every day at the borders of the homeland, in the prefecture of Evros, where unfortunately the neighboring country uses thousands of unhappy people, illegal immigrants, every day.

The Greek Police is there and doing its duty and the challenges of the neighboring country’s regime exceeded all limits and precedents with the lack of possibility for our Regional Governor, Mr. Tzitzikostas, the regional governor of Central Macedonia, who was in Smyrna and as official of the European Union, to participate in the Euro-Mediterranean meeting.

This is another unacceptable provocation which irreparably exposes the Turkish regime which should finally respect basic rules of International Law”.

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