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“We must catch the thread from where Fofi Gennimata left it, with her brave effort, personal, but also for the team, with the surplus of morality she left as a legacy, and to continue a struggle that will change fate forever. of the Greeks and the country. To make the democratic progressive faction big and strong again. A catalyst for the overthrow of the current political reality, which has led us to a quagmire, with the responsibility of both ND and SYRIZA “.

This was noted, among others, by the former Prime Minister and MP of Achaia of the Movement for Change, George Papandreou, starting tonight, Friday, his speech at a political rally in Pyrgos.

As added by the candidate for the presidency of KIN.AL. hope and perspective, because ND’s men remain deeply conservative and clientele, and SYRIZA’s, proved to be the best student of this game. And now it seems their inability to offer a vision and a realistic proposal that will move the Greeks and the country forward, with confidence and security in the complex and full of challenges world “.

Elsewhere in his speech, George Papandreou said that “we are called to face with vigor the current and future crises. We are called, however, to have the national ability to cope with these developments, to establish democratic, functional institutions, with transparency and accountability, guided by man and the common good. In other words, to continue the great changes that characterized our course as a faction. To clash with the bad texts of a state captive to old mentalities and practices “.

The former prime minister also stressed that “we need first of all the courage for a radical policy, which innovates, looks ahead, promotes new ideas, bold thinking and creative imagination.”

“This can be guaranteed by our party,” he continued. “It simply came to our notice then. But it is not enough. We must and will fight and guarantee a transition, with radical changes “.

Referring to the internal party elections in KINAL, George Papandreou stressed that “we have a duty to bring a strong message of hope to the Greek people”:

“Today, our Movement is at a critical crossroads, as the problems it has faced in recent years have turned into pathogenesis with existential characteristics. In the face of this reality we can not remain indifferent. The faction is all of us. We, who inside and outside the party borders, fight for democracy, open society, equality, human and social rights, accountability, transparency “.

At the same time, he underlined that “at such a critical moment, unity is needed around a value framework and initiatives that will create osmosis with society, with citizens, without controversy and rhetoric that feeds introversion, which in turn classifies us as a party. small “.

He also said that “with the knowledge and experience of our historical course, and with the guarantee of the great offer of our faction in the Greek society and in the country, to confirm once again, changing the fate of the faction, that we are capable, to radically change the country as well, offering a big hug to all our fellow Democrats “.

George Papandreou also said that we must “build a progressive faction that will respond effectively, with vision and realism, to its debt history, a faction that will propose a progressive governance proposal to the conservative one, a proposal that will respond effectively and effectively in the conservative bipolarity maintained by the leaderships of ND and SYRIZA “.

Tomorrow Saturday George Papandreou will go to Agrinio, where, according to the announced program, he will speak at 12:00 noon in a political gathering, while at 15:00 he will visit the labor center of Nafpaktos and will meet with the administration and employee representatives.

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