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Oikonomou: It is at least ironic that SYRIZA seems to be cut out for transparency and ethics in politics


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As the government representative said, while the operation of Pegasus had been detected in Greece since 2017, a few days before the 2019 elections, SYRIZA decriminalized its possession, distribution and marketing

“It is true that the government succeeded, after much effort, in reducing electricity prices, bringing heating oil to affordable prices for citizens, reducing or keeping prices stable in several basic items, strengthening the income of sensitive social groups and to support businesses does not mean that the crises have been neutralized or that the wounds that have been opened in the social body have been healed. We have no illusions and we know that a lot of work is required and a long way to go in order to overcome the unpleasant international situation caused by the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine”the government spokesman pointed out, Yannis Oikonomou, starting to inform political editors.

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However as he said “the opposition parties overlook two major facts: the cocktail of international crises has not been reduced to a minimum and the great economic and social challenges created by them and by the precision they create are here and concern all citizens, they are here and concern the whole of society. Because they no longer have anything substantial to contribute to the great vital problems of the Greeks and because they are troubled by both their past and their present they are trying to oppose the government with a tactic that the living and active society as a whole disapproves of: the immersion of political life in a muck, in the toxicity and shifting of the agenda to issues far from the daily life of citizens and the first priority and important issues for the country”.

He explained that their first targeting has to do with her case of monitoring software and the operation of the EYP on telecommunications connections, pointing out that since last August the government has already undertaken active political as well as legislative initiatives for the radical treatment of these issues and even the systemic problems in the operation of the EYP and the Greek Justice is proceeding to investigate the situation including the period of government by SYRIZA with the undivided assistance of all state authorities in order to investigate every aspect of the case.

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“Besides, I remember that this was our attitude from the very beginning: institutional treatment and immediate decisions such as, for example, the replacement of the management of the EYP from last August”, he emphasized. And he added, “The existence of underground polluting networks, which cooperate with specific means by channeling material whose degree of truth remains to be proven, is also a key element. The purpose of these circuits is to turn public life into mud and return to the memory mill of times when the political agenda in Greece was determined by tapes.”

The laws, institutions and authorities available to the Hellenic Republic will shed light on every aspect of this case and “it is at least ironic that it seems that SYRIZA is cutting for transparency and ethics in politics when, according to information, its former commander EYP, Mr. Roubatis, with the full knowledge of Mr. Tsipras, seems to have been negotiating the purchase of monitoring software between 2016-2019, proceeding also to test Pegasus on Greek phones.”

He also underlined that esince 2017 the operation of Pegasus had been detected in Greece, a few days before the 2019 elections SYRIZA decriminalized its possession, disposal and trading.

He emphasized that “in the end, as it turns out, hypocrisy has a face.”

He added that the leader of PASOK-KINAL, Mr. Androulakis, reacting impulsively and with irritation to the case of Ms. Kailis, made a comical and tragic attempt to shift blame. He reminded that Mrs. Kaili was politically connected with Mr. Androulakis for many years, they got along and were close political friends. “We understand the difficult position of the president of PASOK-KINAL but the solution to his problem is not this kind of hypocrisy and comic-tragic findings and especially his choice to delete his older posts on social media.”

At this point he emphasized that despite the desperate attempt of SYRIZA and PASOK-KINAL to distract attention from the serious problems and their inadequacies “Greece will not return politically to the previous century. The course of progress and upgrading of our country will not be stopped. The collective and the patriotic will not submit to any pursuit of another kind wherever it comes from.”

He emphasized that the government has fulfilled all of its commitments and that everything it achieved was achieved with society on its side, but parliamentaryly alone without the support of other parties.

He then moved on to the 2023 Budget referring to the debate that will begin in the Parliament and highlights as he said the difference with 2019.


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