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Theodorikakos: All forms of iniquity are abolished in the country – The self-reliance of the ND is a condition of stability


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In an interview, the Minister of Citizen Protection criticizes the attitude of the official opposition, and accuses SYRIZA of expressing an innate allergy to the Greek Police.

All iniquities in the land are abolishedsaid the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, in an interview with the “Parapolitika” newspaper, while noting that the training of police officers is continuous so that they defend the law with maximum effectiveness.

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Referring to the death of the 16-year-old Roma, by a police officer, the minister underlined: “For the Ministry of Citizen Protection, human life has the highest value. And all our police officers are constantly trained to defend her, strictly applying the law. A few days ago we had a tragic event in Thessaloniki. This is a case that is being investigated by the Court. And which is the only one competent to assess the facts and judge the responsibilities. We all have to respect this! The law is the law. It applies to every citizen, regardless of color or uniform. And it will apply here too.”

Criticizing the attitude of the official opposition, Mr. Theodorikakos accused SYRIZA of expressing an innate allergy to the Greek Police. Responding to a question about the national elections, the minister emphasized “that the concept of a “relaxed” vote is not understood when the future of the country is at stake. A self-sufficient New Democracy government is the only option for stability and perspective for the future of the country.”

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Concerning the cameras on police uniforms, Mr. Theodorikakos clarified: “The relevant tender has already been completed by the Police headquarters and is in the Court of Audit. It concerns 2,000 cameras that will be carried by the officers of the DIAS Team and another 500 cameras of Direct Action vehicles. In this way, the commitment we had undertaken is being implemented. A commitment to strengthen citizens’ sense of security and justice, but also to boost the morale of our officers who operate every day on the road.”

Regarding the issue of surveillance, the Minister of Citizen Protection noted: “The prime minister himself has answered clearly. Some today are trying in every way to keep on the surface an issue about which, already, three things have happened that they are selectively silent about: First, that there were immediate changes in persons. Secondly, the fact that a law was immediately passed to amend and tighten the institutional framework for the operation of the E.Y.P. And, thirdly, that the Court is conducting an extensive investigation into these complaints. All that I mention to you are strong reflexes of a government that in practice serves self-criticism, but also the truth to the citizens. I say this, bearing in mind that, on the other hand, we have an opposition which has realized that in recent years it has lost the battle of ideas in society and has decided to enlist the war of mud and impressions”.

At the same time, Mr. Theodorikakos he also referred to other current affairs. Particularly:

For the case of Eva Kaili: “This is a sad development. It is necessary that light should fall everywhere, that there should be a complete clarification and revelation of the truth. It is a case that, at the European level, should, in addition to cleansing, be the occasion for institutional interventions. Because it is a fact that Europe, lately, looks more like a closed system of powers than a family of democratic values. With regard to the declarations of disclaimer of political responsibility attempted by Mr. Androulakis, I remind you: Mrs. Kaili was elected MP with PASOK in 2007, while since 2014 she is one of the two MEPs of KINAL-PASOK, the other being the same current President of PASOK. When, then, did Mr. Androulakis understand that his MEP is a Trojan horse? He deleted it when her involvement in the scandal was announced and then he also deleted his congratulatory posts to Mrs. Kaili for the position of president in the European Parliament.”

– For the constant inflammatory statements and provocative rhetoric by Tayyip Erdogan and ministers of his government: “In the last three and a half years our country has become stronger. It has become stronger economically, militarily, strategically. It is not the Greece of open borders and closed banks. It is Greece that effectively protects its borders, that does not discount its sovereign rights, that does not leave challenges unanswered. It is clear that the Greece of Kyriakos Mitsotakis is bothering President Erdogan today. Why does he stand in the way of his strategy when, through the constant challenges to our homeland, he attempts to shift the constant questioning he has inside himself. That is why, after all, he publicly states that he refuses to meet him and encourages the Greek people to vote against him in the upcoming elections. President Erdoğan knows that today’s Greece enjoys the full confidence and now open support of the entire Western world. Because it knows how to protect and shield its borders. And it will continue to do so with the same effectiveness.”

– For the extension of the fence in Evros: “The fence on the Evros is not only the embankment of International Law against Turkish provocation. But, it also emerges as a strong expression of our national determination. That is why the procedures for its expansion are proceeding at a rapid pace. On October 25, Parliament approved the relevant legislation that allows us to speed up the procedures for concluding contracts for the supply of logistical equipment and electronic means, exclusively for the construction and expansion of the fence. The technical study proceeded in collaboration with the Armed Forces on a number of issues. It was decided that the first 35 km will be done with national resources by the method of inviting the big companies. Our goal is to complete the entire commissioning process in February. In the coming weeks, expect the complete plan, as well as the exact timetable for its implementation that we will present.”


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