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Nikos Androulakis: Society can’t stand other options cut and sewn to fit the needs of the few


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Statement by the president of PASOK-KINAL regarding electricity prices

In his statement, the president of PASOK-KINAL talks about government choices that are cut and sewn to fit the needs of the few. Nikos Androulakisrepeating, at the same time, the package of measures proposed by his party to deal with energy accuracy and food accuracy.

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The statement of Mr. Androulakis follows:

While the government of the New Democracy insists on options with an eye on the polls, other countries are moving forward with policies that actually relieve the citizens.
As the Spanish government announced yesterday, basic consumer goods such as bread, milk, cheese, fruit and vegetables will have zero VAT. At the same time, it reduces the VAT on spaghetti and cooking oils from 10% to 5% and continues to subsidize train tickets. And all this in Spain with inflation of 6.6%, the lowest in the Eurozone for November.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Today’s RAE table with electricity prices for the next day confirms this. Once again, our country is much more expensive than all European countries. Almost 6 times more than Spain and Portugal.
The government claims that its subsidies are keeping prices down when in fact it is funding the excess profits of providers and producers. It refuses to proceed with the necessary investments in the network to enable the strengthening of RES and distributes the limited space to the few and the poor.
The country needs policies that will relieve the most vulnerable from the consequences of the crisis and not options cut and sewn to suit the few.
From the beginning we presented a coherent package of measures:
– Scalable ceiling on the retail price of electricity
– Reduction of VAT on basic goods
– Reduction of tickets on Public Transport for the entire duration of the crisis
– Increasing the minimum wage and restoring collective labor agreements.

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