‘Consent gap’ with anti-criminal organization legislation brought in by government


The black pages of recent parliamentary history, written by the atrocities committed by the Golden Dawn, could not but unite the parties of the constitutional arc – What is provided for in the regulation

By Penelope Galliou

At a time when political life is preparing for the final sprint before the upcoming elections and the parties have taken up battle positions, one against the other, a crevice of consent the legislative initiative announced by the prime minister in his interview and regarding the institutional exclusion of criminal organizations from the Parliament, on the occasion of the Kasidiaris party, seems to be opening.

The black pages of recent parliamentary history, which were written by the atrocities committed by the Golden Dawn, could not but unite the parties of the constitutional arc in a further armoring of parliamentary democracy.

In this context, the government seeks to institutionally shield the parliament from criminal organizations that eye their entry into the Parliament and for some time now – according to information – the Minister of State and constitutional expert Giorgos Gerapetritis has made some exploratory contacts and a series of meetings with his fellow constitutional experts and lawyers from other political parties in order to “pave” the ground for a consensual related initiative.

The announcement of the government initiative was made by the Prime Minister himself in an interview with the Sunday press, “the political system must exhaust the constitutional margins so that criminal organizations are not represented in the Parliament” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

In fact, the intention of the government is for the relevant regulation to be submitted to the Parliament in the immediate future, most likely next week, while according to information the content of the regulation has been sent to the other parties as well, in order to achieve the maximum possible consensus.

In fact, when Kyriakos Mitsotakis left the ND offices in Piraeus where he chaired a party meeting, when asked about the status of the agreement with SYRIZA, he appeared optimistic, stating that

“Reason can prevail. At least in this”, as the prime minister characteristically commented.

According to information, the outline of the regulation will concern additional safeguards during the audit conducted by the Supreme Court of the parties that intend to participate in the elections. In addition to the control that applies today to the heads of the parties in case

their involvement or their conviction in criminal organizations, the proposed regulation will tighten the cord even more and control will also be provided for any straw men or “showcase” people who may seek to get “in front” of a party.

For the passing of the regulation in question, a simple majority of the Parliament is sufficient for it to take effect, however, the institutional weight of such a legislative initiative sets the government’s goal to ensure the broadest possible consensus from all parliamentary parties.

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