Papanikolaou (ADAE): I was vice-president of the Hellenic Festival under SYRIZA


He avoided taking a position on the substance and clearly whether the publication of the six names by Alexis Tsipras in the Parliament constitutes a breach of confidentiality,

A new admission was made by the regular member of ADAE Katerina Papanikolaou who, following her statements about her tenure in the office of the former Minister of Education, Aristidis Baltas, having confirmed that she was also a close associate of the then head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Pavlos Apostolidis (1999 -2004), now comes to add her tenure at the Greek Festival. In fact, he was its vice-president during the period of the SYRIZA government.

During her interview on Alpha radio, in response to a question, she stated that “I was the Vice President of the Hellenic Festival S.A.”, adding that “it is a supervised legal entity of the Ministry of Culture and I was appointed by the Minister of Culture, who at the time was Aristides Cleaver”.

He also noted that, indeed, during the recent visit of Mr. Tsipras to the ADAE offices, he welcomed the leader of the official opposition there, however he was not present at the meeting between Mr. Rammos and Mr. Tsipras. “I welcomed him as being in the Authority’s premises and I left,” she noted, while regarding her responsibilities she underlined that she is “the member of the Authority who was designated by the Authority for the Declassification Department. But now it’s not just me.”

“The big problem, much more important than my personal relationships with political figures or which meetings I attended, at the moment is the fact that the Authority has existed since 2003 and until 2023 it does not have an electronic record,” he said, among other things , Mrs. Papanikolaou.

Finally, she avoided taking a position on the merits and clearly whether the publication of the six names by Alexis Tsipras in the Parliament constitutes a breach of confidentiality, given that the document received by the leader of the opposition from Mr. Rammos was classified as confidential .I will tell you my personal opinion, my personal scientific opinion without speaking, I repeat, on behalf of the Authority.

“This document is important to remember that it is characterized by the president of the Authority, it is a competence from the beginning, a personal competence of the President and not of the Plenary, as confidential. Beyond that, its further use by the recipients of each letter is another matter. For example, the perception of the constitutional authorities is different in relation to the specific issue and of the Human Rights Council in this case…”.

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