Manzos on Sky 100.3: We are on the shore of consistency and Democracy in the face of conspiracies and the encroachment of Institutions


We expected that Ms. Tsapanidou would bring a different style and ethos to SYRIZA’s political communication. It is unpleasant that we are being refuted so quickly, commented the PASOK press representative

Press Representative of PASOK – Movement for Change, Dimitris Manzos, gave an interview to SKAI 100.3 and journalists Dimitris Oikonomou and Akis Pavlopoulos.

Asked to comment on the statements of SYRIZA’s Spokesperson, Popis Tsapanidou, Dimitris Manzos said: “We expected that Ms. Tsapanidou would bring a different style and ethos to SYRIZA’s political communication. It is unfortunate that we are so quickly refuted. Of course, I’m not surprised personally. I am perhaps surprised by the speed with which Ms. Tsapanidou stepped into the role and adopted the practices of Mr. Polakis and other SYRIZA executives who have rightfully emerged as champions of “sprayed” scenarios and conspiracies. Ms. Tsapanidou should know that PASOK – Movement for Change has an institutional front, strong, against the parastatal mechanisms, against the anti-institutional choices both under New Democracy and under SYRIZA. As then, so now, we did not and do not do eavesdropping, just as we did not do and do “ballot” referendums, nor do we create scandals with the mass media, apart from handing out licenses and shares in the channels. They are both accountable to the Greek people. And New Democracy, which reproduces conspiracies about “agents” and “embassies” on the occasion of wiretapping, but also SYRIZA, which whistles indifferently about what is heard in the Justice Department about the works and days of its own Government. They are both dangerous for the place. That’s why we say, and since yesterday the President also told the Central Committee, that we are on the other side”.

Asked what PASOK – Movement for Change will do in case the percentages of the first Sunday come out to form a government with either New Democracy or SYRIZA, the press representative of PASOK – Movement for Change commented: “We will respect the strong mandate recognition of our political identity. What is our political identity? We are on the shore of consistency and Democracy, against conspiracies and the trampling of institutions. Nikos Androulakis and PASOK have initiated all the institutional procedures in every jurisdiction: Criminal, administrative, civil. In Greek and European Justice. In the Greek and European Parliament, so that the truth can be seen. We went to the Justice and the institutions. It is others, then, who are being blackmailed. They are the ones who used the filthy networks of the backyard of Megaros Maximos. And now these networks, former and active accomplices, are off like mice when the ship sinks and go to the other side and give information. They are the ones being blackmailed by their former close friend and partner, Mr. Kalogritsa. It is Mr. Mitsotakis who is being blackmailed by the dirty networks and Mr. Tsipras who is being blackmailed by Mr. Kalogritsa. And since we are talking about names, let Mrs. Tsapanidou remember, when did the businessmen who even today traffic Predator in Greece come? With which Government did Mr. Lavranos and Mr. Biggio make their first contracts? Maybe with the SYRIZA-ANEL government? These are the businessmen that SYRIZA welcomed to our country, the New Democracy used them, protected them, gave them permission to export the Predator to illiberal regimes. This is the inexorable truth.”

Regarding an article by the journalist Costas Vaxevani, Mr. Manzos pointed out that “there are gross inaccuracies, which will be corrected. The only political group in the European Parliament, which has raised the issue of wiretapping in its real dimensions, is PASOK and the Socialists. Two and three times, in November and December in the Plenary. It is others who block it. And let Mrs. Tsapanidou remember what her colleagues in the European Parliament did? The Left is flying kites on the wiretapping issue. So elsewhere are the lessons of institutional commitment”.

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