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Cyprus – Christodoulidis: Unity is the basis on which our effort for a better homeland is founded


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Mr. Christodoulidis will contest with the independent candidate Andreas Mavroyiannis for the position of PtD next Sunday, February 12, when the final winner of the elections will be announced

“Unity is not a slogan. It is the basis on which our own effort for a better homeland is founded,” he said the independent candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulidisafter the result of the first round of the presidential elections in Cyprus.

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Mr. Christodoulidis will compete with the independent candidate Andreas Mavroyiannis the PtD position the next Sunday, February 12at which point the final winner of the election will emerge.

“Today our homeland, Cyprus, spoke. He spoke clearly”, said Mr. Christodoulidis and pointed out:

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“I face the result of the elections with immense respect, with satisfaction for the vote of confidence, aware and ready to take on the great responsibility.

It is my belief that civil society has amply confirmed that it seeks unification, seeks renewal, new morals in politics, seeks Perspective and Hope for the entire Cypriot people. I am especially moved because the society accepted our message and embraced our proposal to take the step to the next day united, away from brackets and without the divisions, tactics and approaches of the past.

The results of today’s elections cause us a sincere feeling of pride but also gratitude for the ordinary citizen, for civil society, for all of you thousands of volunteers who were and are the protagonists of this unprecedented effort of participatory democracy, which all these months you have become the courageous fellow travelers on the journey of renewal, modernization, perspective and hope. To all of you, in all the cities and villages of free Cyprus, but also in our occupied Maronite villages, this first VICTORY is due, you deserve warm congratulations, you and so many other fellow citizens will seal the new bright page in the history of the place us next Sunday.

Today the Republic won. Today the collective won. Today, the will of society has won for a union of forces that will utilize the best and take Cyprus into a new era, in a European rule of law that is inclusive and empathetic, that will give equal opportunities to everyone, fairer, with more meritocracy and support of all democratic institutions.

It was a big day for all of us, a difficult day. I don’t want to be long. We will have time to evaluate the results in detail and discuss with everyone gently and with due seriousness.

I want to congratulate my opponent Andreas Mavroyiannis for the second place, as well as all the other candidates. In the Republic, and especially when we talk about a country under semi-occupation, there are no winners and losers, there is only the ruling decision of the sovereign people.

I stand with respect to all the other candidates who ran for the presidency. I want to repeat what I mentioned a lot during the election campaign. None of the contenders for the presidency was and is not our opponent. Our adversary is the problems of our country and people. Worry about the next day is common.

I envision a Cyprus reunited, free, a homeland safe and prosperous for all its citizens. A country for all its legal residents, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Armenians, Latins and Maronites. For every European citizen in this country. In this vision of ours, everyone who embraces it has a place. Our door is open from tomorrow for those who share our concern for tomorrow, for our children.

The moments are especially critical. Neither we nor the Cypriot people will risk setbacks and anachronistic policy models.

The resolution of the Cyprus issue on the basis of the agreed framework, taking advantage of the status of a member state of the EU, through an assertive and proud foreign policy, remains my top priority. And of course, economic stability and fiscal discipline, away from experimentation and policies that led us to misery and bankruptcy.

The citizens who chose other anti-candidates have our unlimited appreciation. They are not our rivals. All opinions are respected and together we must all come together the day after the elections. I have absolutely no doubt that the day after the elections, all of you, the society and the worthy people of Cyprus who embraced our candidacy in an unprecedented way, will be crowned winners.

I will march the next day, the next day, the next week with the same political ethos, with prudence and consensus, so that in a competitive but also completely civilized spirit we will lead to the second and final round of the presidential elections and you can be sure, we will win them . I remain faithful to my decision for a governance of broad social acceptance by utilizing the most capable of all ideological, political spaces, technocrats and civil society. We exclude no one and no one and our goal is a strong Cyprus, with social cohesion, prosperous, a homeland that will be reorganized and will thus be able to claim with more vigor and power the reunification and liberation from the Turkish occupation.

In closing, I want to once again express my gratitude to those who supported me, to all of you, ordinary citizens from the left to the right, disillusioned, unaffiliated, young voters and also the parties who went above and beyond because they put their homeland above any other ambitions.

I also want to thank everyone who went to the polls and exercised their sacred right to vote. I want to call on them to continue and intensify our efforts so that next Sunday finds us winners, finds society and Cyprus victorious.

For us, unity is not a slogan. It is the basis on which our own effort for a better homeland is founded.”

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