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Tsipras from Thessaloniki: The time has come for the government to be held accountable


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Speech by the president of SYRIZA at the “Ivanofeio” indoor gym

“On this difficult day with bad news, citizens of Thessaloniki, on the coldest day of winter, your presence today warms our hearts and gives the message: The time has come for political change. The time has come for democracy. The time has come of justice and dignity”, said the president of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, Alexis Tsipras, at the beginning of his speech at the closed “Ivanofeio” gymnasium, after expressing his sorrow for the victims of the devastating earthquake and support for the trying citizens of Turkey and Syria.

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“The government of inequality and injustice, the government of eavesdropping and corruption, the government of precision and diversion, it’s time to answer to the Greek people,” he continued, adding: “And he will answer to the people. He will not save her. the lie, the distortion, the toxicity. The convictions of the crime came to light. From the competent authority of the state that uncovered the darkness of the parastatal. Mr. Mitsotakis systematically violated the Constitution and the rules of the Republic. To set up his own regime .To control and blackmail his opponents as well as his own. Even the chiefs of the Armed Forces. And to be able to implement the most unjust, the most irrational, the most outrageous redistribution of wealth and income. From the weak and the middle class to the powerful few who support him and he supports them.

Because if the evidence of the crime of surveillance is found in the telecommunications providers, the evidence of income theft is in the electricity bills, in every home, in every household and in every business. The evidence of theft is in the prices of the products on the shelves and at the checkouts of Supermarkets. At the prices at the petrol pumps at every petrol station”.

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He emphasized that “the profiteering has the signature of Mr. Mitsotakis” and referring to the precision and the energy crisis, he pointed out: “They pretend to support the consumer, while in fact these subsidies also go to support their chosen ones, who insist on keeping high or even raise prices. This is the miserable Mitsotakis plan”.

To the slogan of the gathered “Alexis gera, let the right fall” Mr. Tsipras replied: “The worst, most wretched government of the right since the post-colonialism and after will fall, because what we have seen with our eyes in recent years we have never seen before and it will fall if you go hard.”

Before Mr. Tsipras, the spokesperson of the party, Popi Tsapanidou, spoke, who referred to the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria and expressed her condolences to the relatives of the victims and her support and solidarity to the people of these two countries.

At the same time, she stated that she is excited to welcome Mr. Tsipras to her city, Thessaloniki as the party’s press representative and emphasized how the New Democracy government has abandoned Thessaloniki.


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