Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to talk about Hagia Sophia and presents its transformation into a mosque as his greatest project.

Yes, as transmitted from Istanbul by the correspondent of SKAI, Manolis Kostidisin his last speech he declared that his move showed the world the political and economic independence of his country.

“We put the signature to open Hagia Sophia as a mosque. After 86 years of nostalgia, it returned to its true image and always according to the will of Muhammad the Conqueror. I see this as an action that broke the bonds that our people had and tore them apart. Agia Sophia is a heritage of Alosis. We brought it back with the prayers of Muhammad and the sounds of the imams. In this way, Turkey globally validated its economic and political independence. I praise God that he deserved us to open Hagia Sophia again like a holy book.

Photos in front of the Turkish unmanned fighter “Kizil Elma”

Meanwhile, the Turkish president posed in front of the Turkish drone made by his son-in-law’s company, with the opposition talking of a new Erdogan show.

In fact, the news was presented as a surprise by the television network, Haber:

“Breaking news as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan posted a picture of himself on Twitter. There is also the Turkish flag. In his message the president poses in front of Kizil Elma. Essentially, what is behind President Erdogan is Turkey’s first domestically manufactured unmanned fighter,” commented the Turkish journalist.