The Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis, expressed his satisfaction with the prices and the adequacy in the market, during his visit today to the Central Market of Athens (Barvakeio) and the public market in Marousi.

The minister discussed in Varvakeio with butchers, who stated that the average price for lamb is still at 10 euros today, while there is even a small price reduction by some professionals. They also reported that the market moved very well.

Mr. Georgiadis reiterated that the household basket works in favor of competition and that France, Belgium, Germany and podemos in Spain have requested information on how it works.

He also noted that from the autopsy he did the day before yesterday, in supermarket chains for the prices in the basket, he found that spaghetti is sold for 0.58 euros – and this price, as he underlined “is the lowest we have found in 6 months” , PDO slice €8.99, white cheese €5, Mevgal brand milk €1.12 and long-life €0.89, Greek brand chicken €2.95 and flour under €1.

“Accuracy of course exists and you can find much more expensive prices in all these goods, but we succeeded with our “basket” to secure a range of products at really low prices and we are proud of that. The basket is working” said the minister.

Mr. Georgiadis then visited the public market in Maroussi and reiterated that in the public markets there are products of excellent quality and freshness at low prices.