The President of PASOK-Movement for Change toured Alexandroupolis on Saturday morning, Nikos Androulakis.

“Today, here in Alexandroupoli, we continue our struggle for justice on May 21. A justification, which is not partisan. It is a justification against the arrogance of power, the client state, the lack of respect for institutions and democracy, against – unfortunately – political forces that invest in populism and toxicity”, stressed Mr. Androulakis, referring to the stakes of the elections.

“We are talking about two persons, which I do not reject because of selfishness, but because I believe that the protagonists of problems and discredit cannot be the protagonists of solutions” noted Mr. Androulakis and added: “That is why I am asking – here too by Evro – a strong mandate to have stability and progress from the first Sunday, with programmatic convergences”.

Recommending the strengthening of the National Health System, he said: “Let’s give financial incentives to doctors and health workers to stay in Greece. Wages are very low. The new NHS needs generous funding. I commit to allocating 8-10% of the Recovery Fund’s resources to health. To have permanent staff and of course to create a strong primary health network throughout Greece”.

Then, the President of PASOK – Movement for Change spoke about the refugee-immigrant issue, saying specifically: “Obviously we are with people and respect for human rights. Do not let these people become a weapon in the hands of authoritarian leaders who use them to blackmail Greece, Europe and other countries. There are borders and we have a duty to protect them. And, in fact, not alone, but together with the Europeans. Because I don’t understand the reason, the fence of the Evros that we started, should be paid for by the Greek people and not by the European taxpayers. Is the benefit only for the Greek people or for the entire European Union? So I do not understand the logic of Mr. Tsipras on this matter. Also, I don’t understand the logic of Mr. Mitsotakis, who came here and took pictures to say what? But when the project began, the leaders of New Democracy said that it was a game of disorientation from the memorandums. The country needs a serious immigration policy. The fruits are rotting on our trees this year. Hotels have thousands of shortcomings. Focus the same. So let’s leave the cheap pseudo-dilemmas. We want the guarding of the borders, but we also want an organized immigration plan to deal with the huge problems of the agricultural sector, manufacturing and tourism”.

Regarding the armament programs, he pointed out: “Rationalization of the armament programs and the path is one: As the Europeans created Frontex, they have a duty to create the Eurosart so that Turkey knows that we do not guard our borders alone – because it is European borders – but with all the countries of the European Union and we are not paying the cost alone”, concluded the President of PASOK – Movement for Change, Nikos Androulakis, from Alexandroupoli.